Monday, August 27, 2007

How to Join Two Parcels

If you rent multiple lots it may be convenient for you to physically join them. Joining does not affect your prim usage as your prim allotments are already shared between lots you already rent, but it can make managing land settings easier. I can join land for tenants but in order to do that, I need to reclaim the land, join it, and then sell it back to you. Here's how to do it yourself:
  1. Turn on View > Property Lines and View > Land Owners. Land that you own will turn bright green and individual parcels you own will be surrounded by green borders.

  2. Stand on one of the pieces of land you wish to join and right-click the ground, and then click Edit. This brings up the Edit Land window.

    Note: If you don't see the Buy Land, Abandon Land, Subdivide, or Join buttons, click More >> to expand the dialog.

  3. Left-click the land you're standing on once. This should make a little yellow box on the ground.

  4. Now drag that box across the border of the land you want to connect to, so that the box crosses over the border. The box does NOT have to cover the entire parcels- it only has to go across the border. Note that the Join button will now be clickable.

  5. Click Join. This will connect the parcels.

  6. You might have to go back and re-set some of your settings in About Land after joining, as only the settings for one of the two connected parcels are used.

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