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Homestead and Full-prim Sim FAQ

[Updated 2012.04.07]
This covenant is the copyrighted, original work of Wildefire Walcott, for use on the Desperation and Annamaria islands only.


Desperation Isle Estates offers only true 3,750-prim Homestead sims and regular 15,000-prim sims for rental. As of 2009, the term "Openspace" refers to regions that support only 750 prims and 10 avatars. We do NOT have any 750-prim Openspace sims. Homestead regions are limited to a maximum of 20 avatars on the island at the same time.


Desperation Isle Estates offers homestead and full-prim sim rentals with no "purchase price" other than the first week's rent. Our prices are listed clearly in our search listings and in the Description field of evey parcel when you go to World > About Land.


The kinds of sims we offer are:
- HOMESTEAD: Full 65536m homestead sim, open ocean on all sides, 3750 prims.
- FULL-PRIM SIM: Full 65536m full-prim sim, open ocean on all sides, 15000 prims.

To see what else we have available, open up Second Life search, select Places, make sure you have at least G maturity checked, and then search for this phrase:

     for rent desperation

If nothing comes up in the search, contact Wildefire Walcott directly.


All of our Homestead islands are newer, "Class 5" or higher sims. Linden Lab has designed Homestead regions for "light use," meaning they're perfect for most residential purposes, but might not deliver the best performance if you're running hundreds of resource-intensive scripts (for example, many clubs have tons of rotating lights and other heavily-scripted items that might not perform very well on a Homestead sim). Renting a homestead island or full-prim sim with us will grant you the following abilities:

    * Estate Manager abilities, giving you access to most functions of the Region tools in the World menu.
    * Full control over who can access your island and individual parcels.
    * Full creative and artistic control- build whatever you want, wherever you want it.
    * Complete terraforming ability (+-100m) and the power to change your terrain textures.
    * Transfer rights enabled, so you can deed the land to your own group. (NOTE: This ability does not entitle you to sell our islands to anyone else. Please see the 'Rules' section below.)
    * To claim an island listed for rent, just go to World > About Land...

All of our homestead and full-prim islands stand alone; you have a full, unobstructed ocean view in every direction, yielding the best possible price and performance.We do not place restrictions on how you use your island, so long as you don't break the law and you follow our few simple rules:


    * Rent is due weekly (at a minimum), payable in L$ if you use a rent box or USD if you choose to use a PayPal subscription. Wildefire will set up a rent box for you and let you know where it is. You can pay in weekly increments, up to 8 weeks at a time.
    * If you are 3 days late on rent and do not respond to IMs, Wildefire will re-claim your island and return your belongings.
    * If you ever decide or need to move out, PLEASE INFORM WILDEFIRE WALCOTT. Second Life does not notify an island owner when a tenant chooses not to live there anymore, and if you don't notify me that you've moved out, I might not notice until 3 or more days after your rent is due, leaving me out a week's worth of rent when I could have found another tenant in that time. I will not pressure you to stay; I just don't like having empty land laying around because no one told me they didn't need it anymore.

While you will always have the ability to change parcel names in World > About Land, in some cases you might wish to change the name of the island you're renting as well. Linden Lab charges a significant fee for us to do that, but it is an option if you're willing to cover the costs.
To rename one of our sims, you must do the following:
     1. Pay Wildefire Walcott a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of L$25000, above your normal rent cost, and IM her when you've paid her profile.
     2. Provide Wildefire the name you would like to use. Note that Linden Lab has final say on which name you choose, and they may ask that we submit an alternative name if the first one you desired isn't approved. (NOTE: If Linden Lab simply won't accept any names you provide, Wildefire will refund your name change fee.)
     3. Wildefire will submit a support ticket to have the region name changed. This can take anywhere from one hour to several days for Linden Lab to do.


Occasionally we get requests to move a sim adjacent to another one of our sims, or next to a sim owned by someone else. Linden Lab charges a large fee for this, and we can only provide this service if you cover the cost of both the initial move, and the move we will have to perform in the event that you move out.

To move one of our sims, you must do this:
     1. Pay Wildefire Walcott a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of L$75000, above your normal rent cost, and IM her when you've paid her profile.
     2. Provide Wildefire the exact grid coordinates where you'd like the sim moved, or at least the relative position to the other sim you'd like to be near. (NOTE: Linden Lab has final say on region moves. If Linden Lab denies the move, Wildefire will refund your name change fee.)
     3. If the sim you wish to be next to is owned by another player or estate, that player must provide permission to Linden Lab via the support ticket process.
     4. Wildefire will submit a support ticket to have the region name changed. This can take anywhere from one hour to several days for Linden Lab to do.


    * Please see the Desperation Isle Estates blog for rental information and tutorials on land and object management:
    * Only the island owner (Wildefire Walcott) is able to upload RAW terrain files (a technical limitation of Second Life). If you have a RAW file you would like to use, email it to me at and I will upload it to your island.
    * You should be able to deed parcels on your island to your own groups without my help. If you have problems, I might have forgotten to enable transfer rights. Just IM me and I'll fix it.
    * Estate Managers should have the ability to change the ground textures. You do this by going to Tools > Region/Estate and dragging textures onto the boxes in the Ground Textures tab. The textures you use should be 512x512 in size. You can find many sand, grass, and rock textures in the Library folder of your inventory. Just search for "grass," for example, and you will find plenty of usable samples.

For more information, contact Wildefire Walcott or Judah Thunders.

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